IT in the Civil Justice System of England and Wales

A past Chairman of SCL(1990-92), Richard Susskind is the author of The Future of Law (OUP,1998 paperback). He is IT Adviser to the Lord ChiefJustice, he consults to leading professional firms and lectures internationally.His e-mail address is richardsusskind@msn.com.


Use of Litigation Support

Fiona Sandford is a litigation solicitor who recently completed an MSc in Information Systems.


Making No Bones About IT - A Case Study of Use of the Internet

Lawyers are urged to harness the power of the Internet as a valuable research tool. John Sibbald of Professional Library Services, Chairmanof the Scottish Group reports on the successful use of Internet searching in amouth watering Scottish case.


Unacceptable Linking . . . is Shetland relevant?

Richard Harrison is a litigation partner at Laytons, with a particular interest in computer and intellectual property disputes. He can becontacted on 0171842 8000 or rmh@laytons.com.


Internet Privacy: Cyber- Crimes vs Cyber-Rights

The authors are members of Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) ), a non-profit civil liberties organisation which was founded in January 1997 withthe aim of promoting free speech and privacy in regard to the Internet. Yaman Akdeniz spoke on these issues to the Internet Interest Group on 22 March.


The Internet: Patenting e-commerce

Harjinder S. Obhi BSc, PhD (physics) is a solicitor specialising in Intellectual Property law at Bristows, 3 Lincoln's Inn Fields, LondonWC2A 3AA(harjinder.obhi@bristows.co.uk).


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