Snapshots from Lawtel

As part of our declared aim to keep readers aware of the latest cases, we publish brief summaries of the IT cases covered by Lawtel in October and November, plus one hot case from December.


Towards 2000: Bristol Fashion

Bristol was the venue for the latest SCL Information Technology for Lawyers Workshop and Exhibition.


Amicus Attorney IV

A trainee solicitor at my firm recently told me that advice from her professional exam course was for students to avoid taking training positions with practices who did not have a case management system in place.


Domain Name: Passive Holding

Melonie Atraghji gives a brief account of one aspect of a recent domain name case, Global Projects Management Limited and another v Citigroup Inc and others, 17 October 2005.


Computer Misuse Prosecutions

Peter Sommer examines the lessons to be taken from two recent prosecutions under the Computer Misuse Act 1990.


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