EU Commission Proposal on Online Terrorist Content

The European Commission has published proposals for new legislation ‘to get terrorist content off the web, making sure that the same obligations are imposed in a uniform manner across the whole Union’.

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The Future of Outsourcing

In the first article to be published online from our Tech Law Masterclass, which will appear in the October/November issue of Computers & Law, Kit Burden looks at developments in outsourcing and what they might mean for tech lawyers


Scoping Exercise

Mark O’Conor reflects on SCL’s activities and looks forward to the forthcoming SCL Conference

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Improving Agile Contracts

With many years of experience of working with Agile, Simon Worthy gives an IT Consultant’s view of the ways in which lawyers need to improve their understanding of the workings of Agile


Law Commission and Electronic Signatures

The Law Commission has published its view on the validity of electronic signatures, endorsing their use, and is seeking views on proposals for improving the law affecting the use of such signatures

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