Hosting Events

Help us to continue offering outstanding tech law events in 2024 and beyond

Let’s be honest, hosting an event is mainly about the warm glow of helping SCL. If your firm has any significant membership of SCL, you are probably already sold on the idea of helping us to carry through our commitments to improving the opportunities for education in tech law.

An association with SCL, an organisation on the cutting edge of tech law, is certainly positive for you and your organisation.

Benefits of hosting an SCL event:

Hosts providing a suitable venue and refreshments and in return receive:

  • The opportunity to provide a Chair or speaker for the event
  • Profile-raising – your organisation’s name will appear on all promotional materials, with a link to your website
  • The chance to be published on the SCL website by writing a meeting report after the event
  • 4 free places at the event for your colleagues
  • The opportunity to welcome others interested in tech law issues, including in-house counsel, to your offices (it doesn’t hurt to show them that you really do have state-of-the-art facilities).
  • The satisfaction that goes with helping SCL fulfil its charitable aims of education and thought leadership

Venue suggestions:

For our events to be a success, we need your fabulous venue suggestions. 

We would be most grateful if you can put forward any venue suggestions that you feel would work for our events. Whether it be the event spaces at your firm, or if you know of any suitable conference spaces. We are open to all of your wonderful suggestions.

Please see some important SCL event space guidelines below:

  • In today’s post-Covid-19 climate, we are excited about offering the vast majority of our events as hybrid. For us to execute fantastic hybrid events, we require an event space that is kitted out with all the necessary hybrid equipment. This includes the following –

– Fitted cameras
– Full speaker system
– In-house laptop with relevant wiring
– Presentation Screen
– Please note: All hybrid equipment must be compatible with Zoom. We use Zoom because of its ease of use – and that users don’t have to have a Zoom account to use it.  

  • Recordings of SCL events are a vital resource following an SCL event. With this in mind, please be aware that we record our events via Zoom.
  • We would require the event space to have a minimum of two roving microphones so that the remote Zoom audience can hear questions from the floor. This is very important for our hybrid events to become more inclusive for those watching remotely.
  • Whilst we will always try to encourage our speakers to present in person, there are some occasions where this may not be possible. Therefore, we would kindly ask that our venue is able to facilitate remote speakers.
  • In addition to roving microphones, we kindly ask that event spaces have table mics for a top table (if we have a panel of speakers) and a lectern mic for an individual speaker.
  • Speaker(s) will use presentation slides, so we will also require all equipment that is required for this (laptop, screen, clicker etc).
  • Whilst our event attendees do vary, we would require a space that can hold a minimum of 30 people, but ideally a minimum of 50-60 people in theatre style. However, for our flagship events, this number can increase to between 80 – 120. Please do kindly confirm with SCL HQ, how many attendees we anticipate will come in person.
  • We often offer drinks receptions with alcohol following our events. Therefore we kindly ask that our event venues have a drinks licence in place. 

Host a hybrid SCL event – £650 + VAT

There’s a hybrid event and then there’s a really good hybrid event. If you are interested in hosting an event but don’t have all of the hybrid equipment listed above, we have the solution!

SCL has partnered with the media department at St Mary’s University Twickenham to produce really good hybrid events. The cost of this tech support is £650 and is available where your organisation doesn’t have state-of-the-art facilities for running hybrid events. As a huge thank you, sponsors will all receive a high quality copy of the event recording to share with colleagues and clients.

If you are interested in hosting an SCL event or have any questions please contact

Sponsoring SCL’s Major Events:

We also offer the occasional opportunity to sponsor our major events. Sponsoring SCL events is great value when compared with many other sponsoring opportunities – we don’t charge a premium or aim to cover large-scale overheads, you pay what the sponsored event costs or a proportion of that – and that’s all. For more details please contact

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