SCL In-house Lawyers' Group

SCL is delighted to announce the launch of a new group for in-house lawyers. The new Group is the brainchild of SCL Chair Trish Shaw and SCL Fellow and Advisory Board member Chris James and was launched on Tuesday 19 January 2021. 

This group is intended to be designed by in-house lawyers, for in-house lawyers and be a space to share experience, expertise and challenges and to support the personal and professional development of those working in-house.

If you have a question about the group please email

SCL In-house Lawyers' Group: What Every In-House Lawyer Should Know about Smart(er) Contracts, Cryptoassets and Digital Disputes - Wednesday 10 November 2021
Download a PDF of the presentation slides

SCL In-house Lawyers' Group webinar "Can We Contract More Efficiently?" with David Jones - Wednesday 14 July 2021
Download a PDF of David Jones' presentation slides

SCL In-house Lawyers’ Group webinar “Moving forward from a pandemic: everything the in-house tech lawyer needs to know” - Wednesday 12 May 2021

Watch the recording from the launch event held on Tuesday 19 January 2021

Download and read the report from the launch event here 

Download the Mind Map from the launch event here

Join the Group

If you would like to join the Group, please start by joining our mailing list.


1. Click Sign Up

2. On the next screen click “Request to Join”, 

3. Enter your email address.  

You can use your corporate or personal email address, as best suits you.  

Sign-ups are manually approved so please give us a day or two.  Drop us a line if you have any issues.

The list is currently open to all members, to both send and receive (like an Outlook group). You can switch to receiving a daily digest, or engage via a website only if you prefer to keep the email traffic down.  

Next steps

This is your group and we need your input to ensure that we take the initiative forward in the best and most meaningful way. To this end we are inviting you to please complete this short survey.

Thank you!

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