IFCLA Conference 2018

The 2018 IFCLA Conference, with the title ‘The Next Tech Law Revolution’, takes place in Paris on 7-8 June. Marie Hélène Tonnellier, President of IFCLA, was asked three questions about the 2018 Conference and these are her responses.

There are many symposia about new technologies. Why do you think IFCLA is better than other conferences?

Because IFCLA is an international association that has been in existence for more than 20 years and whose members are established in more than 15 countries. The attorneys, in-house counsel and technology experts, who participate in the works of IFCLA, bring a comparative perspective that is a real asset when compared to other conferences that only focus on a national point of view. In addition, the input and vision of foreign specialists, on these topics that arise in a fairly consistent manner across all national legislations, allows for a far greater understanding of the issues at stake.

What topics will be covered?

Because the world of new technologies is in full swing, and because we can no longer treat subjects like personal data, cloud or AI in isolation from each other, the symposium will provide an overview of all of the topics that occupy new technologies experts today.

Of course we will talk about the GDPR, since the symposium will take place less than 15 days after its implementation, with a very European panel that will take into account the impact of Brexit but will also focus on the legal consequences of data flows that are closely linked, in one way or another, to the USA. We will also consider the liability aspects of disruptive technologies whether for connected objects, artificial intelligence or in the context of autonomous car projects.

We will also focus specifically on the blockchain's progress, particularly in the field of intellectual property. We will talk about security breaches and cyber security that drive so many economic players.

But above all, among the numerous other topics, we will focus on, a prospective approach to defining, the IT of the future.

Who is the symposium for?

IFCLA's member associations were created from groups of law professors, attorneys, in-house counsel or technology enthusiasts with strong legal background. The symposium is aimed primarily at corporate legal counsel, corporate Data Protection Officers (DPOs), information systems operating officers or people in charge of implementing new corporate strategies through technology.

Usually, participants are looking for high-level insight and knowledge on often complex topics with a strong international dimension.

It is a place of exchange, networking and reflection. 

IFCLA sessions will cover blockchain, cyberliability issues, Big Data and AI, electronic evidence and GDPR – and much more. The Conference adds to participants’ understanding of approaches across Europe and offers many networking opportunities. Go to http://www.ifcla.com/ for the full programme and details.

Published: 2018-04-23T14:20:00

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