The MIT Contact Tracing App Database

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has collated a page of contract tracing apps from around the world.

MIT has launched a global catalogue of contact tracing apps that are considered of an official or sanctioned national government or equivalent governmental body effort 

The log is a relatively straightforward spreadsheet that indicates self-reported answers to these five questions about each listed contact tracking app:

  • Voluntary: Is it voluntary?
  • Limited: Are there limitations on how the data gets used?
  • Data Destruction: Will data be destroyed after a period of time?
  • Minimized: Is data collection minimized?
  • Transparent: Is the effort transparent?

Information about each contact tracing app includes:

  • Country location
  • Name of the app
  • Whether Bluetooth is used
  • Whether the Google/Apple protocol is used
  • Whether DP-3T is used (Bluetooth-based protocol)
  • Other 

MIT is not certifying or validating the info shown and so it should be interpreted accordingly.

The five questions that MIT opted to select were based on a White Paper produced by the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), an American non-profit entity.

Reporting by Dr Lance Eliot our US Associate Editor for Computers & Law

Published: 2020-06-12T12:00:00

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