Urgent Request for Comments

SCL is to respond to the DCA consultation on the Draft Freedom of Information and Data Protection (Appropriate Limit and Fees) Regulations 2007. Do you want to inform those comments?

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ITT for New Research Project

The JISC Legal Information Service is inviting tenders for a research project, the aim of which is to produce guidelines as to the use of IP rights in UK higher and further education institutions.

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Spyware Sentence

A custodial sentence, including a ‘deterrent’ element, was upheld for wrongful use of spyware in a recent case.

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Point v Focus: No focus and no point?

The Court of Appeal has ruled on a claim about independent design of software, in a case which, rather bizarrely, flirts with allegations of copying without there being any actual allegation of copying.

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Thomson Corporation Acquires Baker Robbins

The Thomson Corporation announced on 5 January the acquisition of Baker Robbins & Company, the provider of technology and information management consulting to law firms and law departments.

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