Online Gambling Consultation

The EU Commission is engaging in a wide-ranging consultation and information-gathering exercise to help determine its future policy on online gambling

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AdWords: Opinion in Interflora v Marks & Spencer Published

The Opinion of Advocate General Jääskinen in Interflora v Marks & Spencer has now been published. He takes the view that Marks & Spencer has infringed the Interflora trade mark by purchasing the disputed keyword.

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New York Court Rejects Google Book Deal

The judgment of Judge Denny Chin in the New York Federal Court has cast doubts on the implementation of the complex deal which was designed to allow Google to make a vast library of books available on the web

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Draft Defamation Bill and Consultation

The Ministry of Justice has published the Government’s proposals for reform of the law on defamation and aim for public consultation and pre-legislative scrutiny

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Online News and Contempt of Court

The Divisional Court has been grappling with the dangers that arise from instant news and the less considered nature of online publication.

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