Grants from SCL

SCL has announced that it is to make grants available for research

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GPL v3 Released 29 June

The Free Software Federation announced the release of the new version of the GNU General Public License version 3 on 29 June.

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Student IT Law Essay Prize 2008 Now Launched

Entries are now sought for the 2008 IT Law Essay Prize with a host of rewards for the winner, including £1,000 cash, and a further prize for the institution at which the winner is studying.

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CSG Goes Mountain Climbing

The Computer Software Group has completed the acquisition of another legal software house.

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Web 2.0 – Mashing the Future and the Present

You need to know about Web 2.0, and soon. It is the future – but it is very much now too. SCL has launched a new Conference that will help you ‘get’ Web 2.0.

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