SCL Adjudication Scheme Mock Adjudication with Q&A

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Matthew Lavy, Barrister, 4 Pump Court
Terence Bergin QC, 4 Pump Court
Simon Henderson, Barrister, 4 Pump Court
Laura Wright, Barrister, 4 Pump Court
Iain Munro, Barrister, 4 Pump Court

This mock adjudication scenario features a software licencing agreement dispute and follows the dispute as it progresses under the SCL Adjudication Scheme. The scenario will demonstrate its key features and what it offers to litigants.

Introduction and commentary: Matthew Lavy and Simon Henderson

Adjudicator: Terence Bergin QC

For the Claimant: Iain Munro

For the Respondent: Laura Wright

The SCLA is a maximum three-month procedure for the resolution of “technology” disputes. That is any dispute arising from a contract for the provision of tech-related goods and services including software development contracts, outsourcing arrangements, systems integration contracts, IT consultancy contracts, software licensing agreements, blockchain/smart contracts and cloud computing contracts.

The Scheme is the result of considerable work of an SCL drafting committee, which included Matthew Lavy, and in the course of the session many of the key features of the Scheme will be discussed.

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