SCL Student Bytes: AI and the Law

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Sijal Dudin, Senior Editor, Law Tech Division, SCL Student Bytes

Minesh Tanna, Solicitor Advocate and AI Lead, Simmons & Simmons and Chair of the SCL AI Group
Sara Vero, Emerging Technologies Counsel, JP Morgan and committee member of the SCL AI Group

This event will give attendees the opportunity to learn about AI and some of its benefits and limitations, particularly within a legal context.

The objective is to provide insight into the ways in which AI might be open to criticisms of inherent bias and how the law is able to address those concerns.

Attendees who are interested in entering the SCL Sir Henry Brooke Student Essay Prize 2021 will find this event particularly informative as they will be better equipped to answer this year’s competition question:

‘There is increasing concern that machine learning tools embed bias in their operations and outputs. To what extent does the law currently provide adequate protection from or adequate redress in respect of any such discrimination?’

For more information about the essay prize competition click here. The closing date for this year’s competition is Monday 8 November 2021.

Event Structure:

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Presentations/panel discussion
  • Q&A

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