SCL Student Bytes: Celebrating Women Leaders in Tech Law

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Natalie Kan, Marketing and Communications Manager, Student Bytes

Catherine Bamford, CEO and Founder, BamLegal
Dana Denis-Smith, CEO and Founder, Obelisk Support
Mary Bonsor, CEO and Founder, Flex Legal
Sue McLean, Technology and FinTech Partner, Baker McKenzie, SCL Trustee and Chair of SCL Women in Tech Law Group

SCL Student Bytes celebrates International Women’s Day 2021 with a panel of inspirational women who have forged innovative successful careers in the field of tech law.

This informative and interactive event will allow attendees to learn about the increasing gender diversity in the area involving interaction between technology and law.

You will obtain insights into the speakers’ personal career journeys and the career opportunities for students who are interested in the impact of technology on the legal sector.

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