SCL Women in Tech Law Group webinar: The Future of FinTech

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Despina Chatzimanoli
, Senior Legal Expert-Team Leader of Regulatory Policy Advice Team 2, Legal and Compliance Unit, European Banking Authority

Sarah Williams
, Financial Services, Baker McKenzie
Alexis Alexander, General Counsel, Liberis
Ruta Merkeviciute, Head of Digital Finance, EBA

In recent years, there has been significant and ground-breaking innovation in the financial sector, causing its transformation: new business models, applications, processes or products. These are materially affecting financial markets and institutions and are changing the nature of the provision of financial services. The pandemic has further accelerated digital transformation in finance.¬†Europe is one of the leading regions for fintech. 2021 was a record-breaking year for venture capital exits for European fintech companies and we now have some of the world’s leading fintech unicorns.

In this event, the SCL Women in Tech Law Group has put together a panel of UK and EU legal experts to discuss what they are seeing in the fintech sector and where it’s headed, the challenges fintech raises for policy-makers, the role of law in reconciling the fostering of innovation with the achievement of other regulatory objectives (including financial stability, preserving the integrity of the financial system, countering money laundering and terrorist financing and consumer protection) and how lawyers advising clients in this space (whether incumbent institutions, fintechs or other stakeholders) can best navigate the fast moving regulatory landscape.