CPD and E-learning for Free: Make the Most of Your Membership

September 16, 2008

At some point in the next six weeks, solicitors are going to start to notice yawning gaps in their CPD records. SCL can be the quick hit solution, offering free CPD via the Web site as well as a number of timely courses. But, once the panic is over, members should find time to consider getting the very best value for their membership by writing SCL online courses into their CPD plans for 2008/9. If you do read the magazine or listen to meetings on your MP3 player, it really is very easy to gain CPD for that effort by answering questions online.

Maintaining a high level of skills and up to the minute knowledge is about more than ticking boxes on CPD records. SCL wants to offer a series of forms of learning that aid understanding in a practice area that lives and breathes change. It offers face-to-face courses, online webinars and other materials (principally Computers & Law magazine) and these provide the opportunity for its members to gain the knowledge they need. The range of courses and articles means that there is something for everyone, from leading expert to those new to the field of practice.

What’s more our e-learning courses allow you to train whenever and wherever you choose. There is nothing extra to pay – all you need is web access and your SCL user name and password. But for that of course you need a membership of your own not just access via the membership of a colleague (if you are not a member then join now for £95 to get access to this free CPD).

There are two types of e-learning course available to all members

1 – C&L Magazine: based on the contents of each issue of Computers & Law
2 – Webinars: Recorded versions of cutting-edge SCL events available to view online or, more usually, via an online download of an MP3 file.

All you need to do is log on and read or listen. And here’s the beauty of it, if you then answer the related questions, you will qualify for CPD. Since you can fulfil up to 75% of your CPD requirements online, the cost of SCL membership is dwarfed by the cut in the cost of gaining other forms of CPD. This is a great way to ensure that you are always up to date as you can tailor your training to meet your timetable and catch up with events that you could not attend.

Come to think of it, you might like to get the other 25% from SCL too by attending its great value conferences, seminars and meetings, where top-level speakers give presentations that are invariably rated highly by attendees. Feedback from recent events includes ‘the best Conference I have ever attended’ and ‘it was perhaps one of the best organised conferences I have been to’.

All SCL courses are accredited by the SRA, BSB and ILEX and a log of completed courses is maintained on the SCL site for your records.

Remember, you can claim up to 12 hours per CPD year using SCL e-learning.

See what we have available now using the links below:

C&L Magazine Courses:

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Remember, if you are not a member then you can join now for £50 to get access to all this free CPD.  Join now