Copyright: Another IPO Consultation

December 17, 2008

The Intellectual Property Office has announced yet another consultation exercise on copyright.

David Lammy launched a wide-ranging consultation by the IPO on the future direction of copyright on 16 December. The stated aim is to ensure that the copyright system properly supports creativity, promotes investment and jobs while also inspiring the confidence of businesses and of users (as being fair and reasonable): ‘In building a long term vision and supporting our creative industries, we need to think beyond our national borders and consider the global future of copyright’.

An ‘Issues Paper  (485Kb)’ ( has been published to help start the debate. This framework document identifies key areas for discussion, which include:
• Access to works: ensuring that the current system is not overly complex, particularly in relation to the licensing of rights, rights clearance and copyright exceptions and that the legal enforcement framework is fit for the digital age;
• Incentivising investment and creativity: ensuring the current copyright system provides the right incentives to sustain investment and support creativity and that those who gain value from content are paying for it;
• Recognising creative input: achieving the right balance between commercial certainty and the rights of creators and creative artist; and
• Authenticating works: addressing issues related to authentication and seeing whether there is a case for differentiation between the rights of creative artists and other rights holders.

A series of meetings and events are also being arranged to enable interested parties to debate the key issues and possible solutions.

This initial period of consultation will run until February 2009. The intention is to conclude work in Summer 2009.

The IPO is asking people to post comments by e-mailing