Free the Law!

August 31, 1999

Professor Graham Greenleaf, the co-founder and Co-Director of theAustralasian legal Information Institute (AustLII) is coming to London inNovember. He will take the opportunity on his visit to speak at a meeting on 8November which is jointly organised by SCL on the subject of access to law viathe Internet and to update his audience on AustLII and its wider implications.

The fact that the meeting is organised by a combination of ITAC (InformationTechnology and the Courts), BILETA (British and Irish Legal Education andTechnology Association), BIALL (British and Irish Association of Law Librarians)and IALS (the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies) shows the enormous interestwhich his visit occasions and the respect in which his views are held. SinceAustLII strives to spread the practices it champions – open Internet access toprimary legal materials in updated form and links between those materials, forfree – it seems likely that his audience will hear arguments which haveimplications for UK movement in that field.

Graham Greenleaf’s achievements and his many publications are too numerousto review here; find out more on his Web site at is enough to observe that anyone with an interest in the development of legalinformation via the Internet will want to hear him.

The meeting will open with an overview of the UK position by Stephen HockmanQC. There will also be a panel session to discuss whether the UK can catch up.There is only limited space for this event and admission is by ticket only soSCL members are advised to contact Caroline Gould at SCL Headquarters (0117 9237393 or assoon as possible.