Eruption Latest

April 20, 2010

Not all eruptions are as disruptive and unwelcome as that of Eyjafjallajokull. SCL’s 2010 programme of events is growing rapidly and represents a veritable eruption of professional development opportunities, with seminars, group meetings, a lecture, the fabled policy forum and two Conferences. All the SCL events will be as focused and practical as ever. The five weeks between 20 May and 24 June are especially hot – as hot as lava, but considerably more useful to IT lawyers.

The top blows on 20 May. There is an SCL Seminar that day on the Latest Developments in Public Procurement, chaired by Rob McCallough and featuring Simon Colvin, Alistair Maughan and Masayuki Negishi as speakers, while in Edinburgh the SSCL has a group meeting on Virtualisation. There is a joint meeting of the SCL London Group and SCL Privacy and Data Protection Group on 27 May – Machines behaving badly: Current views on privacy & behavioural advertising. 9 June sees a North London and Home Counties Group Meeting on Mobile Phones: “Gambling and gaming: prison or a safe bet?’ in Milton Keynes while on 10 June in Leeds there is a Northern Group meeting devoted to an IT Contracts Update. The period peaks with the Krakatoa of seminars – chaired by Harry Small and with speakers including Nick Gardner, the 24 June Seminar: ‘War Stories: Best Practice in Dispute Resolution‘ should be a cracker.

And that is just one five-week period. But if you do a quick calculation of the CPD available and the projected cost, you will see that you can break the back of your CPD requirement, gain genuinely relevant and useful knowledge that will inform your practice in just that short period – and all at a cost that, when compared with commercial alternatives, leaves you money for a weekend trip to Reykjavik. 

Get full details and book online for these events now here. Most SCL events are available to non-members also.