It’s Back to Work We Go!

August 30, 2010

With a degree of predictability following a mixed bank holiday the weather is great as I write this blog on the last day of August 2010, the first day back to work for many after their summer breaks. I am a little nervous about extending my poor economic forecasting ability into predicting the weather, but it does look like this week may be fine – at least until the weekend!

But not to worry about our climate and the return to commuting – using bikes in London and all. SCL has a great series of educational events around the country  to welcome you all back to the office for the late summer and autumn.

Here by way of example is our packed programme for September (including one event in Edinburgh by the Scottish Society for Computers and Law)

6 September 2010 – London

Technology thinking and legal thinking: Bridging the gap, preparing for the future


13 September 2010 – Manchester

Social and Legal Aspects of Cloud Computing


15 September 2010 – London

Simplifying Public Sector Procurement


16 September 2010 – Edinburgh

Gaming in Scotland: challenges and opportunities


20 September 2010 – London

SCL 5th Annual Policy Forum 2010


28 September 2010 – London

Software Copyright:  Disclosure is the key


30 September 2010 – Birmingham

Government transparency agenda and what it means for IT contracts


30 September 2010 – London

Mobile phones: “Gambling and gaming: prison or a safe bet?”


These events are not just about on going education and sharing knowledge about IT law, important though this is. They are also a great opportunity to network and swop those stories of sea and sand and of more serious IT developments and related legal issues. So do come along and participate. I hope to see you in person at some of these events. Do come and chat to me about your ideas for SCL and indeed for future events.