Call to Enthusiasts

April 26, 2017

Enthusiasts get a
bad press – I am thinking train spotters and stamp collectors – but the reality
is that they are one of the fundamental blocks of society. And, as with wider
society, they are pretty fundamental to the Society for Computers and

I am going to confess to being an enthusiast. New tech gets me as
excited as a child at Christmas and, a more unusual confession, tech law can do
that for me too.  And I know that I am not alone. I want to recruit more of
SCL’s closet enthusiasts into active roles within SCL and add an extra vibrancy
to our offering.

These are exciting times for SCL. We have a new Conference in June that is going to deal with some of the more
edgy tech law issues which are forcing their way into mainstream legal practice,
plans are afoot for a Tech Law Futures Conference in October that is even edgier
and much more guaranteed to have the tech enthusiasts salivating. So much of
this – in fact almost all of it – stems from suggestions from SCL members. Many
have not only pointed out what we might do that is new and of real benefit to
SCL members but have actually worked to help us provide it.

This email is
my call out to all the enthusiasts in SCL’s ranks. Whether you are a
long-standing member or new to SCL – but especially if you are new to SCL – I
want to make it clear that we welcome input and that your ideas can shape the
way SCL operates and the services we offer. It is not just about events either –
the magazine and website are full of contributions, mainly from SCL members, and
the Editor is always looking for new authors. You might like to offer up
information, alert us to developments, share opinions or stir up controversy –
whether we tweet, post online or even include your contribution in Computers
& Law, it is a great outlet for you and can be a great service to SCL
members too

So, I am calling on tech law enthusiasts to lose any reserve
and let their ideas and enthusiasm shine. Get in touch with me directly, with
Caroline Gould at SCL HQ or Laurence Eastham for website and magazine material.
We look forward to hearing from you. That’s one of the great things about SCL,
we are always looking forward.