The First 100 Years of Women Lawyers: We Need your Hero!

Celebrating the wonder women of the tech law sector

To celebrate the first 100 years of women lawyers, SCL is inviting you to nominate your female tech law hero.

She can be a lawyer, technologist, academic, in fact anyone who has inspired your professional life in the tech law sector.
Please send us your nominations at telling us why you find these women so inspirational!
The results will be published on the SCL website later in 2019..

SCL Women in Tech Law Group

Share your experience of working in the techlaw sector

The SCL Women in Tech Law Group have put together a short survey aimed at gauging women's experience of working in tech and law.

If you're a woman working in the technology and/or law sectors, and you'd like to share how you got started, what advice you'd give to others etc., please take a few moments to send us your answers.

Take the Survey

Many thanks!

Women in Tech Speaker Resource - 'Disrupting the Manels'

The SCL Women in Tech Group would like to compile a list of volunteer women techlaw speakers. The intention is not only to offer an alternative to men-only speaker panels but to become a valuable resource for those looking for fantastic female speakers. It will also shine a light on those who might not have had opportunities to share their knowledge and experience at techlaw events.

If you would like to volunteer, or have a recommendation, please contact and we will send you a speaker form to complete.

Visit the SCL Women in Tech Law Group Page
Find out more about the First 100 Years campaign

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