GroupThink – not such a bad thing

Mark O’Conor, the SCL Chair, explains why he values the input from SCL Groups and encourages SCL members to be involved with them

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Age Verification Dangers

Following on from a widely welcomed presentation at SCL’s Sextech, Porn and the Law event in October, Pandora Blake offers a fuller analysis of the dangers and difficulties that come with the introduction of age verification in accordance with the Digital Economy Act 2017


Lecture Report: Brad Smith on Cybersecurity

Phoebe Whitlock was present when Microsoft’s Brad Smith gave the Geneva Lecture in November and promoted the view that cybersecurity needs to be a cause for our time. She reports and reflects on the event.

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Squaring the Data Retention Circle

Laurence Eastham welcomes the announcement of a forthcoming consultation and suggests that SCL members sharpen their pencils and their intellect so as to respond constructively

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