SCL: Major IT Law Events

This issue is accompanied by the brochure for the Annual IT Law Review, held in Bath in November. But it is not the only major IT law event from SCL in the coming months. The Internet Interest Group is hosting an International Symposium in October.



Here is an update on Richard Harrison’s comments in the last issue on the HP Jornada.


Claims for Wasted Management Time in IT Implementation Disputes

The Holman case has once again highlighted the risk of claims against suppliers for wasted management time in IT implementation disputes. Tim Strong, partner in the IT dispute resolution team at Barlow Lyde & Gilbert, reviews the development of claims of this nature, taking a look at some of the general principles applied by the courts in assessing damages.


Interview with John Yates

Laurence Eastham interviewed John Yates of v-lex, the SCL Joint Chairman, about his interest in IT law, his career and his plans for SCL's future.


Electronic Disclosure - The Way Ahead

Over the last century, apart from direct testimony, paper evidence has been the most compelling form of evidence in trying criminal and civil cases. However, with the advent of computers and information technology the dependence on paper documents as the major source of evidence, other than testimony, is changing. The real question, say Chris O’Reilly (Director of International Litigation Support at LDM) and Jason Derting (who owns Pacific Legal), is whether the legal community has kept pace with the phenomenal growth in computer technology and whether it is aware of the significance of computer-generated data in the disclosure process.


Service Contracts: New Forms of Liability

Little has been made in the IT law world of some recent case-law that has nonetheless caused great controversy in the ordinary law of contract. Richard Stephens of Masons looks at some aspects of this law and notes how it could apply in particular to outsourcing contracts (or indeed to any other service contract). Of concern also is the impact on words and phrases commonly used in drafting limits and exclusions of liability


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