Letter to the Editor

Do we really need legislation in the UK for e-commerce development?


IT in the Civil Justice System of England and Wales

A past Chairman of SCL(1990-92), Richard Susskind is the author of The Future of Law (OUP,1998 paperback). He is IT Adviser to the Lord ChiefJustice, he consults to leading professional firms and lectures internationally.His e-mail address is richardsusskind@msn.com.


Use of Litigation Support

Fiona Sandford is a litigation solicitor who recently completed an MSc in Information Systems.


Making No Bones About IT - A Case Study of Use of the Internet

Lawyers are urged to harness the power of the Internet as a valuable research tool. John Sibbald of Professional Library Services, Chairmanof the Scottish Group reports on the successful use of Internet searching in amouth watering Scottish case.


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