Security - Why should you care?

What does security mean to you? Most people could be forgiven for thinking that they don’t really have to worry about IT security. Who is really going to try to hack into your systems, especially if you are a small or medium sized company? It’s only big multi-nationals that get attacked, right? Jackie Groves of Ultimaco Safeware knows otherwise.


Internet Auctions, Agency and Consumer Rights

Online auction sites have grown in popularity. James Mitchell looks at the legal status of these sites by drawing a comparison with ‘physical’ auctions. His article also highlights differences, considers the formation and effect of contracts in this process, especially the legal position and remedies of unhappy buyers and the jurisdictional issues.



The Intendance survey of legal Web sites (see the SCL Web site for details) gave its top marks to the site of Collyer-Bristow. We asked Jackie Reiss, Business Development Director at Collyer-Bristow, to set out the recipe for success.


The Rise of the Blog – Legal Risks and Liability

Paul Barton and Viv Nissanka of Field Fisher Waterhouse’s IT & E-Commerce Group discuss the legal risks and potential liabilities involved in publishing a “blog” for a business.


Moving from Transmission to Collaboration

Amanda Brock looks at the recent Amazon pricing error and asks how businesses can prepare to protect themselves in the event of such situations arising.


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