Implied Terms in Computer Contracts

Michael Douglas QC and Ben Pilling consider what terms are of concern, or likely to be applied into, contracts relating to IT.


Framework Agreements – A Cure for All Ills?

This article from Kit Burden and Heidi Kwei of Barlow Lyde & Gilbert comments on the factors which parties need to consider when considering the use of a framework agreement for an IT project or a series of projects.


SSCL Annual Lecture & Supper

John Sibbald reports on the SSCL annual lecture and supper held on 15 June at the John McIntyre Centre, Pollock Halls, Edinburgh.


WI Fi Woes

Robin Bynoe reviews the risks inherent in the use of wi-fi and the allocation of liability when things go wrong.


Legal e-commerce

Neil Cameron explains what e-commerce is and why you need to plan to take account of it.


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