Glasgow ‘98

John Sibbald of Professional Library Services, Chairman of the Scottish Group, attended the IT sessions at The Law Society of Scotland’s Annual Conference Business Programme which took place at the Moat House Hotel,Glasgow on 4 April 1998.


The Changing Face of Legal Practice

Grahame Cohen is the Managing Director of Epoch Software Limited. He can be contacted at grahame@directlaw.com or on 0181 203 6078


EMU: The IT Implications

Ben Goodger is a Partner at Willoughby & Partners, the intellectual property specialists based in Oxford. He is a member of the SCL Council. He can be contacted by e-mail at ben@iprights.com or on 01865 791990.


Microsoft: Victim or Villain?

Microsoft’s battles with anti-trust regulators will continue even if Microsoft win their appeal in April 1998 and set aside the interiminjunction awarded in December 1997.


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