Offshore Outsourcing - Learning From Experience

In the wake of the offshore outsourcing phenomenon, Peter Hall, Bill Jones, Kevin Lowe and Patrick Brodie, partners at Wragge & Co LLP, look at the various structures that might be considered. The article looks especially at India and the special considerations, and tax breaks, which apply there.


‘Counting the Cost of Poor CRM Strategies’

Martin Ashfiled of Performance House explains why, with over 60% of queries not being resolved and 25% of calls not being charged for, law firms need to pay attention to client relationship management (CRM), or else pay the price of delivering an unacceptable service.


Have you protected your business from the criminal within?

When organisations think about IT risks, their initial thought is towards external threats from hackers and viruses. However, the reality is that over 70% of IT security breaches are from internal sources, so businesses should really look inwards before looking for the external threat. Andrew Durant explains that ensuring you have the right people in place within your organisation is the best start you can make to reduce any threats.


BS7799 – Why is it important?

And why, asks Ian Mann of ECSC (e-commerce security consultants) is an IT security consultant contributing to a law publication?


Open Source Software: An Opening Resource

Andrew Katz explains what open source software is, why it matters and provides starter signposts, indicating the ways in which it is likely to influence your IT law practice.


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