SCL Mentoring Scheme

"The mediocre mentor tells, the good mentor explains, the superior mentor demonstrates, the greatest mentors inspire!" - Lucia Ballas Traynor

The scheme is designed to help connect industry professionals with aspiring student Lawyers/Techlawyers. Whether you are looking to develop in your current role or advance your career, working with a mentor could be a great way to support your development. This is an invaluable opportunity to seek guidance and advice from people at the top of their game. As the mentee, you are responsible for owning the mentoring relationship, including organising meetings, setting the agenda and being fully prepared for each meeting.

Questions for potential Mentees:

• What is important to you in your work?

• What are your key strengths? How can they help your career aspirations?

• Which parts of tech law intrigue you?

• Fast forward 2, 3, 5 years – where do you want to be?

• When are you at your best?

• What qualities do you admire in others?

• Who is your role model?

A mentor acts as an advisor to their mentee, offering guidance, challenge and support throughout the relationship. It’s important that the mentoring relationship is based on trust, respect and a clear understanding of the mentee’s goals.

Attributes of a good mentor:

• Are you able to relate well to and understand people?

• Do you have a desire to help and develop people?

• Do you have a positive, encouraging and motivating approach?

• Are you able to create good rapport and an environment which supports the flow of open and honest communication?

• Can you show empathy and are you able to put yourself in other people’s shoes?

• Are you able to give constructive and objective feedback?

• Are you able to maintain confidence and respect boundaries?

Being a mentor can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Through regular meetings, calls or emails with your mentee, you have the chance to share your knowledge and help them develop. You also get the opportunity to learn from your mentee and develop yourself. You will be shaping young minds who will in turn be shaping the future of Techlaw.

If you are interested in becoming an SCL mentor - please contact SCL HQ at

Also see: SCL Mentoring - a call to your better self! by SCL Trustee, Mark Lumley

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