LSSA and Legal Aid Reforms

The Legal Software Suppliers Association sees chaos looming as the Legal Services Commission presses for more use of IT by firms who undertake publicly funded work without allowing adequate consultation or time for software adaptation.

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Computer Expert Witness?

A recent case before the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) gives a surprisingly wide interpretation of expert witness on the operation of a computer system.

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SCL Policy Forum: Decentring Internet Regulation

On 26-27 October a sponsored ‘think-tank’ is to be held in London on ‘Decentring Internet regulation: the changing roles of government and the private sector in determining and enforcing acceptable online behaviour’.

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Google News: Belgian Court Ruling

Laurie Kaye reports on a new development in an ongoing saga and asks ‘When is a search engine not a search engine?’ Apparently, the answer is ‘when it’s a publisher’.

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