AI Ethics and Regulations

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Fernando Barrio, SCL Trustee and Senior Lecturer in Business Law, School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London and Academic Lead for Resilience and Sustainability, Queen Mary Global Policy Institute

Professor Colin Grant, Vice Principal International, Queen Mary University of London

Speaker Panel:
Lord Clement-Jones CBE – Fmr Chair, House of Lords Select Committee on AI, Co-Chair of APPG on AI and Chair of Council, Queen Mary University of London
David Satola, Lead ICT Counsel, The World Bank
Patricia Shaw, SCL Chair and CEO, Beyond Reach Consulting
Jacob Turner, Barrister, Fountain Court Chambers and author of ‘Robot Rules: Regulating Artificial Intelligence’
Dr Julia Ive, Lecturer in Natural Language Processing, Queen Mary University of London

The regulatory and policy environment of Artificial Intelligence is one that is both in a state of flux and attracting increasing attention by policy makers and business leaders at a global scale.

AI is having an impact on most aspects of government activities, business operations and people’s lives, and the proposals for letting the technology advance unregulated are under question, with increasing realization of the potential pitfalls of such unhindered development.

The policy analysis expertise of the QMGPI, the practitioner insights of SCL and the global reach and influence of The World Bank creates the opportunity to have a discussion that reaches different sectors and layers of the AI regulatory and policy landscape.