SCL Tech Law Essentials – Programme and Project Management

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William Hooper, Director, Oareborough Consulting
Volker Matz, Managing Director, MMC Limited

Programme and Project Management

Programme and project management are significant components of IT development and delivery. Not only do they help the project get delivered as planned, the methodologies adopted could underpin the agreements or, if the project goes off the rails, become relevant to dispute resolution or litigation. Understanding the core project management concepts is therefore vital for both those advising on contracts and those litigating at a later date.

This session is designed for those working either in the establishment of agreements that include project management or on the resolution of disputes in which this is a factor. It will introduce the major concepts used by practitioners and show their relationships. The objective is to support you in writing agreements that need to incorporate programme and project management. For contentious lawyers, the material should help you in pleading and managing a case.

The Presenters

Both the presenters are experienced and current practitioners in programme and project management. They have been schooled in good practice, have applied it well, made their own creative mistakes and observed the weaknesses of others. They have also worked together in the delivery of programmes.

William Hooper is an SCL member and practices as an expert witness in IT and outsourcing disputes. He worked first in the design and delivery of IT and outsourcing services with suppliers, undertaking the project and programme management of several. He has also worked client-side in the sourcing and delivery of services. His company is Oareborough Consulting.

Volker Matz is an experienced Chartered Manager and Certified Management Consultant leading engagement teams to provide consulting, auditing and advisory services to various clients foremost across Financial Services, Insurance and Consumer Product Goods. His focus is mainly on operational excellence and process improvement across transactional services alongside programme and project management. He is a director at MMC London.

The aim of the SCL Tech Law Essentials Programme series is to provide a foundation for lawyers who are qualified practitioners (2- 5 years PQE) who have decided that they want to specialise as IT lawyers. SCL’s programme of twelve modules will cover all the key areas of practice in IT law. By taking this programme you can be confident that you will have the know-how and understanding to advise effectively across the whole range of IT law issues.