Causation and Statistics – Using techniques from economics and statistics to assist in assessing liability and causation in legal cases

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Dr Meloria Meschi, FTI Consulting
Hugh Norbury QC, Serle Court
David Eastwood, FTI Consulting
Ravi Kanabar, FTI Consulting
Dan McCourt Fritz, Serle Court

The challenge of measuring ‘cause and effect’ is common to many disciplines—from philosophy to economics and statistics, and medicine and pharmacology. Causation also plays a central role in the determination of legal liability.

In this webinar, leading practitioners will discuss the legal aspects of causation, the latest evolution of case law, and how statistical expert evidence can be used in commercial disputes to develop compelling evidence for whether (and to what extent) a defendant’s action has, in fact, caused financial harm to a claimant.

The discussion will be accompanied by the illustration of a case study the panellists worked on together. As organisations continue to accumulate ever larger and more complex datasets, analytical techniques common to the fields of economics and statistics are becoming increasingly applicable to a wider range of commercial disputes. This trend has implications for everyone involved in the dispute resolution process—legal practitioners, courts and arbitral tribunals, and the disputing parties.