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SCL 'Back to basics - the tech' - The Hardware

SCL 'Back to basics - the tech' - The Software

SCL 'Back to basics - the tech' - The Internet

SCL 'Back to basics - the tech' - Networking Fundamentals

SCL 'Back to basics - the tech' - The Cloud

SCL 'Back to basics - the tech' - Essentials of Digital Security

SCL 'Back to basics - the tech' - The Mobile Bit

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This session aims to answer many of the questions that seem too silly to ask. We assure you they are not! SCL has assembled a team of practising lawyers and technologists to bust through the jargon and explain how things work, without too much bamboozlement! There’s a lot to cover, but we will make this event accessible and entertaining as well as informative – book now!

Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Principal, Fitzgerald Tech Law

Neil Brown, Managing Director, Decoded Legal
Chris James, AGC, Head of Digital and Innovation – Data Privacy, HSBC
Alex Bloor, GM, Andrews & Arnold Ltd
Simon Forrester, Software Developer, Mituyu
Mark James, Front-end Developer
Kate O’Leary, Head of Consumer Legal Team, Vodafone UK


The hardware

  • what’s silicon? Is my computer really made of sand?
  • what’s the “CPU”? What’s the difference between Intel, ARM and other chip manufacturers?
  • what is the difference between RAM and a hard disk?
  • bytes, bits and bobs (or should that be “blobs”?)

The software

  • from source to binary, and different models for compilation
  • interpreted and other examples of non-compiled software
  • is an “app” software? (what about a “web app”?)
  • different coding styles / approaches (e.g. object oriented)
  • different development methodologies (agile, waterfall etc.)
  • “background” and “foreground IP”, libraries and frameworks
  • open source – a 2 minute explanation!

 Networking fundamentals

  • servers
  • addressing (MAC, ARP, IP addresses)
  • protocols and ports
  • LAN, WAN and VPN
  • Wifi & mobile

 The Internet

  • networks of networks (the internet)
  • peering / IXPs
  • the Domain Name System
  • Internet applications: http/s, email, through to TOR
  • RIPE / ARIN / APNIC, RIRs and NICs… the acronym quangos that control so much of the Internet. What do they do?


  • where is “the cloud”: other people’s machines, in other people’s data centres
  • AWS, Azure etc.
  • different types of cloud / configurations

Essentials of digital security

  • what a firewall is/does
  • PKI, PGP and other cryptography

The mobile bit

  • handsets (IMEIs)
  • the wireless bits
  • the other bits
  • the huge infrastructure that you never see
  • the physical and software elements of the “Internet of Things”

Elizabeth Fitzgerald is the principal and founder of Fitzgerald Tech Law. Elizabeth works with the technology sector in Ireland and internationally. Her priority is developing ongoing operational relationships with clients, so they can avail of an excellent, efficient and friendly legal service that knows the business.

Speakers’ details:
Neil Brown is a solicitor and managing director of geek-friendly law firm decoded:Legal. Neil spent the first 10 years of his career at Vodafone, advising a whole range of technical teams including network operations, security and resiliency, and R&D, and he now advises clients doing all sorts of interesting technical stuff. His code works most of the time, and his interest in networking and IP services is evidenced by the myriad servers heating his house.

Chris James, is a practicing lawyer and technologist. Chris has been developing technology to assist his legal practice for over 10 years, including developing software to (i) calculate market shares for competition law case (ii) automatically generate documents from templates, and (iii) run big data analysis over information gained on data breaches to identify potential harm to data subjects. Prior to being a lawyer Chris was a systems and web developer at an ISP, where he was involved in everything from building and installing servers, negotiating internet transit, cabling them all up, being the postmaster, filtering spam, managing databases and writing e-commerce and content management platforms.

Alex Bloor helps run businesses involved in telecommunications, Internet services and electronic product development. A science and technology enthusiast, he is a qualified radio amateur, holding callsign M1AJB. He started his first technology business 20 years ago and is currently GM of specialist ISP, Andrews & Arnold Ltd.

Simon Forrester started in publishing in 1992 writing for and editing consumer magazines, before building Future Publishing’s online presence . Since then he’s been working as a web developer, technical advisor and digital marketing mentor for a variety of public and private sector organisations, from VC start-ups to the DTI.

Mark James is a freelance software engineer on websites, web applications and mobile for clients including BBC, Channel 4, National Theatre and the arts & media sectors.

Kate O’Leary a commercial lawyer specialising in the media and telecommunications sector. Kate currently leads Vodafone UK’s Consumer Legal and Privacy teams, advising on all legal aspects of Vodafone UK’s consumer mobile and broadband business including customer terms, advertising, sponsorship, IOT, content licensing, distribution models and consumer credit. 

Many thanks to Hogan Lovells International LLP for hosting and sponsoring this event