Cloud Service Providers and Data Transfers Webinar

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Details of the session:
Transfers of personal data outside the European Union and the United Kingdom have been a challenge due to case law, the introduction of new standard contractual clauses for transfers, and the requirement to carry out a transfer impact assessment of the protection of data in the recipient country. Data transfers have been particularly challenging for cloud service providers (CSPs) and their customers given that the European Data Protection Board pointed out that where CSPs require access to data in the clear, there are few, if any, effective technical measures to protect the data against unauthorised government access in third countries.

This session focuses on how data transfers are handled by CSPs and their customers in practice and whether the EU-US Data Protection Framework may bring any relief to CSPs based in the US.

Rob Gillis,
Head of Privacy Legal (EMEA) at Citi Bank
Aselle Ibraimova,
Counsel, Tech & Data Team, Reed Smith, London
John O’Connor,
Partner, Technology Team, William Fry, Dublin