SCL In-House Webinar: Fraud – what are the key regulatory updates around fraud prevention in-house teams should be aware of?

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A webinar organised by SCL’s In-House Lawyers Group.

Event Overview:
We are delighted to have Gary Brennan (Senior Counsel – Payments at Santander UK) hosting this session on emerging regulations associated with fraud and fraud prevention. The session is designed to provide an overview of house lawyers and focuses on the following areas in particular:

  • An overview of the typologies of fraud; and
  • An outline of the planned (and possible) regulation for Financial Services and technology firms around fraud prevention.

This session is tailored for all in-house lawyers and legal technology advisors with a keen interest in staying ahead of the curve in understanding the evolving legal landscape of fraud prevention.

Ollie Clymow, Legal Counsel (Commercial, Digital Transformation & Technology), Santander UK

Gary Brennan, Senior Counsel, Santander UK