SCL Webinar: The new wave of AI-based decision making – Is there a right to human decisions in common law adjudication?’

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Join SCL for an exciting collaborative online event with the Indian law firm Poovayya & Co.

Get ready to explore a topic at the forefront of legal and technological innovation as experts from the UK and India come together to discuss, “The new wave of AI-based decision making: Is there a right to human decisions in common law adjudication?”

Whilst the European Union and China are at advanced stages of legislating on multiple aspects of AI, some jurisdictions are adopting a watchful approach to regulating its development. An arena where AI will have a significant impact is in the resolution of disputes, and this discussion aims to unpack the advantages and inevitable concerns with replacing humans with AI in adjudicatory processes.

Our panel of international experts will discuss key topics around AI decision-making across the major legal systems, giving attendees the opportunity to gain a comprehensive view of the ongoing regulatory and policy discussions surrounding AI and dispute resolution.

Don’t miss out on this special webinar where our expert speakers will share their insights, perspectives, and ideas at the forefront of AI and legal discussions.

Dharmendra Chatur, Partner, Poovayya & Co.

Confirmed speakers include:
Matthew Lavy KC
, 4 Pump Court. SCL Trustee.
Minesh Tanna
, Partner and Global AI Lead, Simmons & Simmons. Chair of the SCL AI Group and SCL Trustee
Anna Hoffmann, Barrister, 4 Pump Court
Aziz Huq
, Professor of Law, University of Chicago Law School
Sajan Poovayya
, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India.
Manu Kulkarni
, Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution, Poovayya & Co.