Wellbeing: How to Thrive in Lockdown

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The start of a new year can be a challenging time for many of us and this year the ongoing lockdown and global uncertainty is adding to the pressure.

Creators of the SCL Weekly Wellbeing blog Nick Watson and Gary Waters will be discussing strategies for managing your mindset and answering your questions on how to stay focused and increase your positivity and productivity.

Speaker’s Details
Unlike most Legal Technology entrepreneurs, Nick Watson https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickpwatson/ comes from a development background with a history of developing large, bespoke projects for a variety of industries including the Law. Launching in April 2016, Nick co-founded Ruby Datum, a user experience-driven, pioneering Virtual Data Room company. He also has a passion for wellbeing and is working towards a vision of a more mindful legal industry.

Gary Waters https://www.linkedin.com/in/gary-waters-742b10148/ is a Personal Development, Business and Mindset Coach. Through his coaching, he helps people to develop an Empowered Mindset that enables the transition from surviving to thriving. As an expert in human behaviour, Gary works with people across the world from high performance professionals to stay-at-home parents to help shift their mindset. This has a transformational effect on all aspects of their life, including personal fulfilment and business success.

Rather than focus on short term temporary fixes, Gary specialises in identifying the root cause of problems and works with his clients to dissolve them permanently.

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