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SCL's mission is to inform and educate legal and technology professionals, academics and students and the wider audience on the impact of IT on law and legal practice through the promotion of best practice, thought leadership, and the fostering of a global tech law community.

SCL is a registered educational charity. 

Keep up to date with the latest news and analysis
As a member, you will receive six issues a year of our magazine, Computers & Law. The magazine carries practical articles written by leading lights in IT law. All that content is also available on this website, plus the latest news, blogs, comment and articles that are only available online. 

Share information with your peers in the IT law sector
Our regular seminars, conferences and group meetings allow you to discuss issues with others working in the sector, helping you to stay informed of the problems and issues on the ground. 

SCL Foundations of IT Law Programme - Twelve Modules
The SCL Foundations of IT Law Programme is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of everything a practising IT lawyer should know.

Use us as your source of specialist cost-effective training
One of our primary objectives is to educate the profession on the latest developments in IT and IT law. As a member you would qualify for discounted rates on our unrivalled, expert seminars and conferences and have access to regular training podcasts included as part of your membership fee. 

Students can greatly expand their knowledge of IT law 
In accordance with our educational objectives, we allow students access to all our website material free of charge and we encourage student attendance at our events by offering reductions on the normal fee for attendance. The range of articles made available and the up-to-the-minute training from seminars and other events can give students unrivalled insights, helping them in their academic work and in their future careers.  Students with an ac.uk email address can sign up for free membership of SCL here

Career development through our accreditation scheme
Current members are eligible to apply for our accreditation scheme. Accreditation is aimed at practitioners seeking to develop their practice in IT law. The standards required to qualify for the scheme ensure that they will be a respected and useful part of your career development. 

How do I apply?
There are two ways to apply for membership
  1. Join online
  2. Download an application form here

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