In his last editorial prior to retirement from SCL work on 16 November, Laurence Eastham reviews his last issue as Editor, offers his thanks and wishes all well


Digital Services Tax

The Chancellor’s announcement of a digital services tax has left many scratching their head as to how it is to work. HMRC has issued an explainer which covers some basic questions

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Contract Law - in Retrospect and in Prospect

For the last ten years Richard Stephens has provided an annual update on contract law for the SCL and also offers it by way of internal training for law firms and in-house legal departments. That puts him in a superb position to take a look at what has happened over the last decade and think about the major themes in contracts and contract law over those years. This is the latest in our series of articles from the Tech Law Masterclass appearing in the October/November issue of Computers & Law.


Unfair Advantage of Famous Reputation Brands?

Lakmal Walawage considers questions about trade marks and domain names following the Court of Appeal ruling in Argos Ltd v Argos Systems Inc, taking account of the impact online, internationally and programmatically


Whither FinTech? Whither AI?

In another teaser from the forthcoming issue of Computers & Law, Simon Deane-Johns asks some searching questions about short-term problems and long-term challenges


German File-sharing Defence Undermined in CJEU Judgment

The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled that the owner of an internet connection used for copyright infringements through file-sharing cannot be exonerated from liability simply by naming a family member who might have had access to that connection. There has to be an effective remedy for owner of the copyright.

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