SCL In-House Group webinar: Group Negotiation Expert Seminar

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Julia Barry
, Legal Counsel, Santander
Joyce Lam, Legal Counsel,

Natalie Reynolds
, Visiting Professor of Negotiation, Bayes Business School and MD Negotiation Centre of Excellence

The SCL In-House Group is delighted to present a mini masterclass in group negotiation with Natalie Reynolds.

For too long, negotiation has been seen as a skill requiring aggression, bullying behaviour and tough talk and as a result many people are frightened and intimidated by it. Natalie’s method is all about demystifying negotiation and providing an easy to use framework focused on creativity, problem solving and resilience that anyone can master.

Speaker’s Details:
Natalie Reynolds
is Visiting Professor of Negotiation at Bayes Business School, author of bestselling book ‘We Have a Deal’ and MD at the Negotiation Centre of Excellence. Natalie has worked with many of the world’s leading companies, business schools, governments and NGO’s including the United Nations, and has a reputation as one of the leading voices globally on diversity and negotiation.

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