“Online safety, digital services and competition in digital markets”

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Michael Bywell, Partner, Hausfeld
Kio Gwilliam, Senior Associate, Hausfeld

In this webinar Michael Bywell and Kio Gwilliam of Hausfeld will look at the current state of play in these high-profile areas and how the UK and EU legislative approaches compare.

UK Online Safety Bill: progress report and how it differs from the EU Digital Services Act

Michael Bywell, Partner at Hausfeld, will speak about the recently published (17 March 2022) Online Safety Bill (UK) and identify examples of how it differs from the Digital Services Act (EU). He will provide a brief overview of the OSB including the duties imposed, the concept of legal but harmful content, and the enforcement regime. He will then look at differences between the OSB and DSA and consider issues such as illegal versus legal but harmful content and the approaches to fines and sanctions including against executives and other individuals within regulated organisations.

UK pro-competition regime for digital markets: key points and how it differs from the EU Digital Markets Act

Kio Gwilliam, Senior Associate at Hausfeld, will speak about the proposals recently published by the UK government for a new ex ante “pro-competition” regime for digital markets and identify examples of how it differs from the Digital Markets Act (EU). Examples of the key differences relate to: the processes for identifying firms that are to be subject to the new regimes; the ways in which the ex ante rules will be applied; the availability of interventions to complement the enforcement of the ex ante rules; whether or not complementary changes will be made to the merger regimes; and the scope for private enforcement.