SCL Weekly Wellbeing

Created for SCL by Nick Watson and Gary Waters

Meaning, ideas and relation of two concepts: wellbeing  and success, pictured as Newton cradle with metal balls giving energy and momentum to each other,  labelled with english words, 3d illustration

To help support its members throughout the Coronavirus lockdown, SCL introduced a Weekly Wellbeing blog to provide insights and inspiration about how to be kinder to yourself and to support the wellbeing of others. #SCLweeklywellbeing

This page contains links to all of the previous blogs plus other useful links and resources.

Previous Blog Posts
SCL Tea & Tech: Creating Focus Through Empowered Mindset
About Nick Watson and Gary Waters

Unlike most Legal Technology entrepreneurs, Nick Watson comes from a development background with a history of developing large, bespoke projects for a variety of industries including the Law. Launching in April 2016, Nick co-founded Ruby Datum, a user experience-driven, pioneering Virtual Data Room company. He also has a passion for wellbeing and is working towards a vision of a more mindful legal industry.

Gary Waters is a respected coach and entrepreneur. Gary’s background includes building a #1 ranking hospitality business in one of the UK’s most competitive tourism markets in the South West of England. Gary decided to sell that business so that he could channel all his energy and focus into his passion, which is helping people through coaching. Gary specialises in helping clients develop an Empowered Mindset, which enables them to navigate life’s challenges on their own terms. He’s passionate about helping people create a life of purpose and fulfilment through Personal Coaching, Business Coaching and Consulting programmes.